These are the standards that users of Wiki Etiquette shall follow. They can change just as easily as anything else on the wiki.


  1. All users shall follow the rules of netiquette.
  2. All users shall preview before saving changes.
  3. No users will vandalize any pages on this wiki.
  4. All users shall do their best to insure Wiki Etiquette accomplishes its goal of compiling etiquette.


Wiki Etiquette is not Wikipedia. A user does not need to write in an encyclopedic manner, which means citations are not necessary (although they are appreciated) and neutrality is not as important. This is, after all, telling people how they should act. However, users should attempt professionalism. That means:

  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • No slang
  • Being frank, but not preachy

If these simple rules are followed, Wiki Etiquette should become a well-written, interesting, and polite collection of etiquette rules.

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